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Jaime Graham
CCO & Advisor
Phil A Younker Jr

About Us

Phil A. Younker & Associates is a unique investment advisor firm providing customized investment management to individuals, families, and institutions. Our office is locally owned and managed with an emphasis on creating lasting client relationships.

We pride ourselves in being independent and utilizing the best institutional research, industry experience, and expertise. Our advisors work together to find the best possible investments and strategies than put that knowledge to work for you.

Your advisor will meet with you one on one as often as you like and will keep you updated through statements, emails, and phone calls. We work as a boutique firm providing customized service and account management to a select group of clients.

At Phil A. Younker & Associates we value the opportunity to get to know our clients and their families allowing us to make the best possible investment decisions. We have worked with many of our clients for over 20 years and are honored to assist them with the many complicated financial transitions we all face. From marriage, college savings, retirement, estate planning, to a complicated financial form, as your advisor we are here to help.

Why P Y & A?

  • Local Office

    At P Y & A we work with your accountant, attorney, and banker to help you through the myriad of life's transitions. We can assist you in making financial decisions during marriage, divorce, retirement , relocation, etc.  Our clients appreciate the ability to meet with us in person or over the phone anytime.  

  • Objectivity

    We are fee-based and independent, our only incentive is to generate good results. Being wholly independent gives us access to a broader range of investment products from various providers. We do not receive any sales commissions, so we are not biased toward any family of products.
  • Diversification

    We believe in diversification to reduce asset class risk, but also believe in selectively exploiting asset class opportunities.  We make sure the risk you take in your portfolio reflects your true goals and comfort level.

  • All Star Approach

    Exceptionally in-depth research gives us access to highly skilled managers. We spend every day researching market topics and interviewing mutual fund managers looking for the optimal investment for your portfolio.
  • Discretionary Management

    We have full access to your accounts and are able to trade at anytime. We do not need to contact you for each trade or reallocation allowing us to make tactical decisions on a moments notice. You also have the benefit of contacting us directly if you would like to withdraw funds from your account, or make changes that would normally require you to contact the broker dealer or custodian directly.

  • Professional Knowledge

    We have specialized expertise in the field of investment management. All members of our investment team hold degrees in Finance as well as many certificates furthering their education in this field and have spent many years putting their skills to work.

Our Clients

We serve a diverse group of clients through out the U.S.  What they share in common: An insistence on trustworthy, expert advice with no strings attached.

  • Individuals and families, including those who are still building wealth and those who are retired.
  • Corporations, who seek investment guidance as well as trustee education and support.

  • Nonprofit organizations, which require expert, objective investment advice in order to achieve their goals.


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